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"A Certain Slant of Light..."
Christopher Conlon's Blog
The Tell-Tale Soul - My New Book 
4th-Sep-2015 02:25 pm
Now available from Richard A. Lupoff's Surinam Turtle Press, an imprint of Ramble House...


In this pair of brand-new, beautifully written novellas, Christopher Conlon--author of the critically acclaimed 'Savaging the Dark' and editor of the Stoker Award-winning 'He Is Legend: An Anthology Celebrating Richard Matheson'--tells two stories of two very different imagined American pasts. First up is the title piece, a vividly inventive play on Edgar Allan Poe in which we learn that 'The Tell-Tale Heart' told only part of the story--perhaps not even the most important part. Then comes 'Beyond the Silver Horizon,' in which Eugene O'Neill's 'Beyond the Horizon' is reimagined as the heart-wrenching story of a rural boy's realization that his beloved brother is something other than what he'd believed--something other than completely human....

This edition features a special introduction by John Pelan, author of 'The Colour Out of Space' and editor of 'The Century's Best Horror Fiction' and 'The Darker Side: Generations of Horror.'



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