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"A Certain Slant of Light..."
Christopher Conlon's Blog
Now Available - Cemetery Dance Select: Christopher Conlon 
13th-Apr-2017 03:06 pm
I'm happy to announce that Cemetery Dance Select: Christopher Conlon is now available for Kindle from Amazon.com! As the title indicates, this new ebook-only collection is part of the "Cemetery Dance Select" series, which includes many estimable writers in the fields of horror and suspense--Michael Marshall Smith, John R. Little, Lisa Morton, Jeff Strand...lots more. The idea of the series is to have writers "spotlight a sampling of their own short fiction: award winners, stories they consider their best or that had the most impact on their career, or neglected favorites they feel deserve a second look." To that end, the stories I've selected are:

"Darkness, and She Was Alone" (from Poe's Lighthouse)
"On Tuesday the Stars All Fell From the Sky" (from The Oblivion Room)
"The Girl That Nobody Liked" (originally in Dark Discoveries, later folded into Lullaby for the Rain Girl)
"The Unfinished Music" (from Thundershowers at Dusk)

The collection also includes an Afterword by me, original to this ebook.
All this for the LOW, LOW PRICE of $2.99! Find the collection here:

Cemetery Dance Select: Christopher Conlon by [Conlon, Christopher]
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